Parresia Research is developing software for parallel simulations of engineering problems. Part of our research code has been open-sourced under the MIT license.

The ParSim toolset

The ParSim toolset now has its own dedicated site at

Codes for engineering design and analysis

Our engineering design and analysis codes are designed for problems that cannot be solved using commercial finite element analysis software. Areas of application of these codes include:

  • Defence applications where highly nonlinear problems involving large deformations and shocks need to be solved
  • Upstream oil and gas applications that require solution to problems involving fracture in the presence of interacting solids and fluids
  • Civil and mechanical engineering applications that require advanced material models
  • Visual effects for movies that require destruction simulations

The algorithms that we use are:

  • The Material Point Method coupled with a computational fluid dynamics code for problems involving fluid-structure interaction
  • Peridynamics for problems that require the prediction of complex fracture processes with branching.

We are actively developing our research codes BunnyFracture

  1. Matiti : A serial version of our fracture simulation code that uses peridynamics
  2. Vaango : A parallel version of the fracture simulation code that contains a Material point Method component, a fluid dynamics components, and a Peridynamics component.

We also develop advanced material model codes as plugin-ins for commercial software.